About us

Joy of Cooking was created out of pure love and respect for food and the belief that EVERYONE can cook. And enjoy it. We are here to make cooking easier for you, and if you can’t cook – we’ll just teach you 😊.

Our goal is to take away everything that prevents you from cooking yourself a tasty meal – every “I can’t cook”, “I have no time to go shopping”, “I will not run around 3 stores now to buy those ingredients”, ” I don’t want to buy a kilogram of cornmeal to use 2 tablespoons and throw the rest away”, etc. – and give you the pure joy of cooking.

We therefore take it upon ourselves to prepare recipes with simple instructions, provide the best ingredients available, measure them accurately, and deliver it all to your door.

So, go ahead and cook with us; for yourself, for your loved ones, on a daily basis and on holidays, for a special event or without any occasion – whenever you feel like it and as much as you want.

No more leftovers in the fridge, which eventually end up being thrown away. No more products that are light years out of date or used only once and left to lie in cabinets to end their life, you know where. No more wondering what to eat. No more standing in long queues and visiting several shops to get all the ingredients for one dish. Instead, you can now spend this time by yourself or with your loved ones. With us, you will save at least a few hours a week. And you will discover that you can cook wonderfully!

Our Values

We believe that what we eat affects the quality of our lives. We want you to live well.

We want to prove that absolutely anyone can cook and enjoy it.

By cooking with us, you take care of yourself and your loved ones.

By cooking with us, you know what you are eating.

By cooking with us, you save time and frustration.

By cooking with us, you don’t waste food.

By cooking with us, you discover the flavours of the world.

By cooking with us, you develop your culinary skills and knowledge.

By cooking with us, you keep a beautiful tradition – through the stomach to the heart ❤