How it works

It’s very simple 🙂 First, choose the dish or dishes you want. Then decide how many people you will cook for – you have a choice of 2 or 4 servings. Add your order to the cart, choose a convenient delivery date, pay and wait for your meal to be delivered to enjoy the culinary journey.

In every package, you will find the exact ingredients required to prepare 2 or 4 portions of the meal(s) you choose. We carefully select meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices for you, which, wherever possible, we try to pack ecologically.


We reward your love of cooking – the more dishes you order, the less you will pay for them.

2 servings / 4 recipes or 4 servings / 2 recipes = 5% discount

4 servings / 3 recipes = 7% discount

4 servings / 4 recipes = 10% discount