I am the best example that anyone can cook.

I started my kitchen adventure at the age of 5. I was already old enough for my eyes to reach over the kitchen table and investigate what was going on there.

I was not only curious, but also very brave – always pushing my little hands to grab whatever my grandma and mother were cooking, which would usually end with a guaranteed tap of the rolling pin, but that was the only way to get my own piece of dough to make my own patties from.

When my kindergarten teacher asked me who do I want to be when I grow up, I replied without hesitation “a cook” because… “I like the ladle that you pour soup with”. Don’t ask…

I had a few culinary mishaps along the way, such as the memorable banana cake I proudly prepared for my grandfather’s birthday, which almost ended my blossoming career as the family chef. The problem wasn’t that it was doughy, but because I later found out that my grandfather, who managed to eat it without complaining, hated bananas…

But my love for cooking kept growing and I don’t remember at what point I started getting comments such as “That was delicious!”, “How did you cook it?”, “Where did you get that recipe from?”, “You must prepare the catering for my party”, “What are you cooking? I’ll be there in a moment!” or “Hey, how are you making that pineapple salad of yours?” Cooking has become a part of me and is as natural to me as breathing.

I like to know what I eat, and I like to know what my loved ones eat. I like to know that they are eating nutritious food, not loaded with additives. I like to feed the people I love. I guess I took it after my beloved grandmother, who always insisted that I eat with her, even if I had just eaten a meal.

Serving a home-cooked meal has always been an act of the highest love and care in most cultures.

In Joy of Cooking, I choose to simplify and create original recipes with clear instructions so that you can discover the wonders of cooking and prepare delicious meals to treat yourself and your loved ones.

Wishing you a delicious adventure!